We specialize in enabling managers to give feedback and discuss performance in an effective and successful way.


At the core of our groundbreaking training solutions is a fundamentally new, different, and innovative approach to giving feedback called:


The PAF Technique
(Performance Analysis and Feedback)


PAF was developed as a result of research insights that challenged the efficacy of the decades old, commonly held ideas and entrenched paradigms about the best way to teach this topic.


PAF's simple formula makes it easy for managers to create the exact words to address and resolve even the most difficult or sensitive performance issues in a way that ensures clarity and acceptance, gets desired results, and improves the manager/employee relationship. Such conversations are the CORNERSTONE of an effective performance management system!

1. STAND-ALONE WORKSHOPS. In-house training to teach managers how to give employees PAF feedback in both informal and formal contexts.
2. CUSTOMIZED TRAINING. Seamlessly incorporates the PAF technique into new or existing supervisory, coaching, and performance management initiatives.
3. PERSONALIZED PHONE COACHING. Provides just-in-time support to managers on the job. Use in addition to classroom training or as an alternative to it.



Our remarkable research findings explained why so many managers continue to have difficulty discussing employee performance DESPITE all the training and support organizations provide to help them fulfill this critical responsibility in a more effective way.



The traditional strategy that 99% of managers learn and rely on to give feedback doesn't work in situations where they need it the most - dealing with the "TOUGH STUFF".

What PAF Training Can Do for Your Organization
Participant Experiences

PAF Training enables managers to start talking to employees about all aspects of performance and behaviour, but especially about things they may previously have found hard and therefore avoided. The confidence and ability to perform this aspect of their role in a powerful and effective way is a prerequisite for:

Fostering employee (and, by extension, manager) success ...


When managers are able to effectively convey valuable, even critical, insights about all aspects of performance they can "hold up the performance mirror" and convincingly explain to employees what they should continue doing, start doing, stop doing, or do differently in order to be as successful as their potential allows.


... which leads to increased productivity through higher engagement levels ...


Successful open and honest conversations can both help and motivate employees to reach their highest capabilities, enabling managers to achieve a whole new level of engagement and profitability in their groups!


... and improves formal employee appraisal and development systems.


When these conversations happen within the organization's existing formal performance management, coaching, and employee development processes it means that these initiatives will (finally) work properly and get the results for which they were designed.


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When the managers in your organization are exposed to PAF Training it will change forever how they think about and give performance on performance.


Their newfound confidence and skills will result in dramatic improvements in the quantity and quality of all kinds of INFORMAL and FORMAL performance conversations.



Equip new managers to start out on the right foot.
Supply experienced managers with exciting, new, and innovative tools for their managerial toolbox.
Help team members provide constructive feedback to each other or to other non-reports.

Finding it hard to believe that there is something "new" on this topic? Just read what participants have said about our training:


Takes managing people to a whole new level. New thoughts, new processes. Best course in practical application I have had.
Craig Jones, Deputy Chief, NEVNS

Great filler of the "missing link" in the performance management process.
Beth Wilson, HR Planner, Canada Revenue Agency

Great course! I didn't think there could be any "new" performance management information but this was extremely useful. I will be using this PAF technique going forward.
Cathy Hamon, Manager A/R, TSDM

This sheds a whole new light on providing feedback and provides an EASY to follow formula which helps to tackle a sometimes uncomfortable task.
Rob Pietersen, Manager E-Business, CRA

After completing a performance management course recently this approach was new and innovating...
Carol Bruck, Vehicle Scheduler, Shell Canada

The technique is innovative and inspired. It teaches a critical skill in a short time ... it will help me start to resolve a lot of problems.
Heather Henderson, Labour Relations Advisor


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We welcome the opportunity to prove our claims and explain how our various training options can help your organization achieve its performance discussion improvement goals.


PAF is proprietary information, so to learn more please ... contact us.